Welcome to A Coach for Champions, Inc., where the vision for your life—professional and personal—will become focused, pursued and realized.

A Coach for Champions, founded by nationally prominent attorney Richard S. Jaffe, applies tested achievement strategies to shatter professional and personal roadblocks. Designed for professionals, executives and lawyers , A Coach for Champion’s flexible, one-on-one coaching adapts uniquely to your individual situation.  Establishing a confidential, trusting relationship, we offer years of experience, insight and objectivity to guide you through your decisions so that you may reach your highest goals.

A Coach for Champions, Inc. can dramatically change your life as it has for many before you. Your initial consultation is complimentary.

Now, take a look at what you have to gain:


Take your professional career to the next level


Identify elements that prevent you from attaining excellence


Master the building blocks to a successful career path


Make any professional or personal transition your evolution towards a better life


Assemble a team of topnotch, trusted allies


Identify your gifts and capitalize on your strengths


Find your true passion


Become a life champion!

A Coach for Champions is proud to be an affiliate of Corporate Counseling Associates which offers a full range of services to over 200 corporate clients throughout the world. Find out more at www.corporatecounseling.com


If you desire to take your professional and personal path to a higher level and a new dimension, A Coach for Champions will help you turn your intentions into triumphs.

Let today’s actions fortify tomorrow’s accomplishments: Contact A Coach for Champions to schedule your complimentary interview.


"I had always associated coaching mainly with all sports- , then I had the opportunity of experiencing your professional executive coaching, and realized how powerfully motivating a professional coach can be in the business world. I must say that your abilities to strategize any challenge, your on- target insights and intuitive abilities are truly extraordinary- in fact often brilliant. Anyone you coach in business or in life should consider themselves lucky, to say the least. I know I learned a lot about myself and throughly enjoyed every minute of it, and wholehardidly recommend you and your course without hesitation. Keep up the good work."

Danny Sheridan
Nationally known Sports Analyst, Handicapper, and Columnist

Richard Jaffe is a certified professional coactive coach (CPCC), credentialed by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach.


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